Authentic Certification Coaching and Mentoring

As a part of CTI’s Certification program, you are required to have a CPPC or PCC coach for the duration of your training. Authentic Development has created a specific program for certification students to assist you in reaching your goals.

This program offers high impact coaching as well as some additional benefits for those in CTI’s certification program.

Program Basics:

  • Seven-month commitment (CTI’s program effectively takes 7 months—including oral exam)
  • Twice monthly 45-60 minute coaching sessions
  • An additional two-hour discovery session is included in your first month.
  • Four 30-minute training/mentoring sessions are included for use anytime during
  • program on any topic you want to cover like: 
    • Improving supervision calls
    • Special attention to a co-active skill
    • Growing your client list
    • Running a coaching business
  • Written exam prep session (30 minutes) included
  • Oral exam prep session (30 minutes) included
  • Sessions are virtual via phone or Zoom videoconference
  • Total cost is $400 monthly ($2,800) or a one-time $2,400 upfront payment.

Coaching is a powerful tool to help you bring about the changes that you desire. Growth and going deep are hallmarks of Authentic Development. You will be challenged to match your purpose with your inner and outer life. You will discover more of what truly loving those that you care most deeply about looks like--including loving the only person you can change--yourself.

Ken Carlson, CPCC & PCC is a highly experienced co-active coach with over 2,000 hours of 1:1 coaching experience, over 700 hours of CTI training (CTI core curriculum, CPCC certification, CTI leadership, and 17 weekends of CTI core curriculum assisting). He has made his living working full-time as a coach with Authentic Development and working for other organizations since May 2009.

Optional: Some clients want weekly coaching—this is available for an additional $300 per month ($700 total) during the program. Upfront payment of $4,500.

If you're interested, use the form below to contact us, and we'll follow up to discuss the process in more detail. Or simply call Ken at 847-873-9559. All coaching products are also available for teams.

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