Advanced Authentic Leadership Coaching

Are you ready to dive deep? Are you done with business as usual? Are you sick of the inauthenticity everywhere around you? Including within your very own choices? 

Advanced Authentic Leadership Coaching is our most intensive program and you can be certain that it WILL bring positive change to your life. 

Your perspectives WILL shift to give you tremendous insights into how you can go about making a greater and greater impact on your world. You WILL discover more fulfillment in your life as your values and the choices you are making in your day to day life become aligned. You WILL grow and become challenged in your relationships as you set clear boundaries for yourself and the ones that you love. You WILL discover more of what truly loving those that you care most deeply about looks like--including loving the only person you can change--yourself.

The Advanced Authentic Leadership Coaching is a six-month program with the following benefits:

  • Three half-day (4-hour) coaching sessions in person and one on one. ($2,400 value)
  • Weekly 45-minute coaching for six months ($5,200 value)
  • Sessions are virtual via phone or videoconference according to your preference
  • Total cost is $975 monthly which is $5,850 total. 
This six month program will provide intensive coaching upfront and ongoing to bring self-discovery, self-direction, accountability, and innovation to your entire life.

Three half-day 1:1 coaching sessions and weekly 45 minute coaching sessions to keep you on track and moving towards your goals. The first half-day of in person coaching will create deep discovery of your strengths, values, and how you enter your everyday life. The second  half-day will occur at the mid-way point and provide you the focus necessary to deepen the learnings, course-correct as necessary, and make the final three months as powerful as possible. The final half-day will allow for reflection and completion. You will also continue the process of stating your intentions and creating the life you most want for yourself.

The learning will continue with highly impactful life coaching on a weekly basis. In these sessions you will hear yourself and discover the tools to overcome the obstacles that have consistently thwarted your progress. 

If you're interested, use the form below to contact us, and we'll follow up to discuss the process in more detail. Or simply call Ken at 847-873-9559

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