Executive Coaching for Science Professionals

Observe, Postulate, Experiment, Confirm. Executive Coaching with a Scientific Approach

The mind of a scientist is different. Creative, logical, deliberate and rarely emotional. Executive coaching is about taking your leadership to the next level. You are obviously skilled at getting results. How will you become more effective?

Authentic Development takes a scientific approach:

  • Observe: Depending on your needs, we'll implement an assessment in order to observe the impact you are creating. Blanchard's LAPII, Leadership Circle, Meyers-Briggs, or EQi 2.0. We'll meet to look at the data.

  • Postulate: We'll choose 3-4 skills to focus on for the duration of the relationship based on the data we've observed. We'll determine what success looks like.

  • Experiment: During regular sessions, we'll implement changes in your day-to-day execution, your relationships, and look for tangible results.

  • Confirm: Action produces learning. The real coaching happens in between sessions as you implement the work. Each time we meet, we'll review progress and if necessary recalibrate towards what we expect.

Why Ken Carlson, PCC, CPCC:

As a young man, I found my academic passion in the sciences, especially chemistry. I had the opportunity to teach Chemistry at the University level for five years. It was this experience where I realized how much I enjoyed teaching and training others--directly leading to me starting my training and coaching business. 

Ken brings over 3,000 hours of coaching experience with certifications from the world leader in coach training (CTI) and the governing body of coaching (The International Coach Federation)

Why Executive Coaching:

In a 2008 Price Waterhouse Coopers study of 2,165 coaching clients in 64 countries, coaching was found to provide a nearly 3.5X median return on investment for client organizations. Among the highlights of the study were:
– 80% of coaching clients reported positive changes in work performance, communication skills, interpersonal skills and relationships;
– 82.7% of the surveyed coaching clients reported that they were "very satisfied" with their results; and
– 96.2% of the surveyed clients would repeat coaching under the same circumstances.

What Does Executive Coaching Look Like?

– Confidential one on one sessions
– Initial in-person four-hour deep-dive discovery about you, your goals, and any initial assessments.
– Continuing sessions, three or four each month in-person or virtual
– Six or Twelve month commitment

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