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Grow Your People, Grow Your Organization

Authentic Development trainings and group presentations are a great way to build skills in an experiential environment. Trainings offered in the past are listed below. Authentic Development is constantly creating custom presentations. Consult with us to create something for your team. Contact Ken at 847.873.9559 or email

Getting Authentic Results For Your Team

13-Week TEAM Leadership Transformation

Transform your team in 3-months with weekly 2-hour sessions. Assimilate new ways of doing things. This is training that integrates with how the corporate world actually works. Schedule sessions over a long lunch hour or first thing in the morning one day per week.

Training that provides the following key factors in successful change: 

  • Consistency of training over time 
  • Time and space to strategize
  • Personal interaction with others 
  • Accountability through relationships and goal setting 
  • Easy to schedule into your leaders busy lives


Managing Conflict at Work

Learning the Skills of Listening & Seeking Alignment

What do almost all leaders need? Better communication. They need to listen better and they need to effectively change the way they solve problems.  This workshop has leaders learning how to actually listen for maybe the first time in their lives. Participants will also practice their new-found listening skills by seeking alignment on areas of typical conflict. 


Making Meetings More Productive

Get IN, Get it Done, Get Out

The biggest time suck in the business world are unproductive meetings. Everyone complains but rarely do we do anything about it. Authentic Development believes in having the conversations that no one is having. This workshop create customized rules of engagement on meetings for your team or your entire organization.  Participants will walk away literally hours of their lives back each week.


Coaching 101

Learning the Basics of Getting the Most out of Your Team Members

Most leaders try to teach their associates how to do the right things and end up frustrated when it doesn't work. Coaching is your secret weapon. This workshop will provide real coaching skills for leaders to help their associates. Participants will walk away with 5-10 coaching skills that they can immediately practice.

We Own It!

Spreading an Attitude of Ownership Across Your Organization

We Own It! is a workshop that demonstrates a 90-day plan to increase employee ownership levels through relationship building, inclusion, goal-setting, vision casting, and results tracking. As a key member of your business, you know exactly what is required to grow and improve the bottom line. The real question is about the other members of your team—who have less at stake—are they as committed? Participants will leave with a plan of action to increase ownership and accountability.


Start, Stop, Continue

Bringing Focus to Your Next Twelve Months

Business is like archery—you hit what you aim at. The Start, Stop, Continue workshop will bring focus to your business by taking participants through a deliberative process of determining what is really important over the course of the next twelve months. Participants will walk away with two to three action items that will dramatically increase their effectiveness on a go forward basis.


Overcoming Fear

Taking Risks That Matter

We all listen to the voices of “can’t” and another day, another month, or another year goes by and yet another voice keeps telling us to give it a try. Fear is a very real limiter for our personal and business effectiveness. This workshop will help participants identify one or two self-sabatoging voices and provide the strategy for moving beyond them. Participants will commit to take at least one risk as a result and watch their personal and professional lives grow as a result.



Jump Start Your Authentic Journey


What are people really after? They want to live lives of joy and passion—focused on the ones that they love. This workshop will provide real skills for people to find the fulfillment that they are after and begin the process of increasing the balance that they need. Participants will walk away with a self-mission statement and two to three steps on their journey towards balance.

Authentic Selling—The Oxymoron that Works


Sales gets a bad reputation for being slick and manipulative. Many sales methods teach us how to overcome objections and how to control the client relationship. A salesperson/client relationship is actually just that—a relationship and it will bear the most fruit if the focus is in the right places. Authentic Selling is a workshop demonstrating the way that we want to be sold. We will practice building relationships of trust and connection that lead to sales. Some of the workshop sub-topics include:

  • Identifying the value proposition
  • Increasing self-attractiveness
  • Building relationships of trust
  • Focus on client desires
  • Selling out of passion
  • Listen, Listen, Listen


  1. I'm Weird Ken Carlson 05-Apr-2018
  2. Brené Brown on Vulnerability Ken Carlson 23-Feb-2018

Now Offering Ken Blanchard Training

People Want to Be Magnificent 

They want their work to be meaningful, fulfilling, and to be part of a greater purpose. It's human nature, and understanding this important aspect of human nature is key to being a people-centered leader.

Great leaders aren't always born, they can be developed. We can show you how to read people, influence (not control) and become the kind of leader that others want to follow. Blanchard is the world leader in creating leadership development programs.

Authentic Development delivers the most impactful Blanchard trainings available. Contact Ken to learn more at 847.873.9559 or email

Prepare to Lead Differently

Situational Leadership® II by The Ken BlanchARd Companies

The World’s Most-Taught Leadership Model— Situational Leadership® II is a research-based behavioral model that has been adopted by more than 30 million learners around the world. Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) is recognized as both a business language and a framework for employee development that transcends cultural, linguistic, and geographical boundaries. Its foundation lies in teaching leaders to diagnose the needs of an individual or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of that person or team—leveraging all the theory and design that has made SLII the world’s most-taught leadership training model. 

The new learning design The SLII Experience™, uses game-changing techniques that immerse learners in SLII quickly, deeply, and effectively. Learners gain access to online learning assets in The SLII Experience, which are available for downloading and sharing valuable knowledge back on the job through an online learning portal. 

The two-day program is designed for individuals in leadership roles who want to increase their effectiveness, including executives, managers at all levels, project managers, team leaders, and supervisors. It is available to be delivered in person or virtually or in a blended virtual/in-person model.

Bringing together highly engaging classroom activities with pre- and post-tools helps reinforce, measure, and cement learning. Short, fast-paced learning scenarios using real work problems capture learners' attention. The outcome is that learners get up-to-speed and start using SLII faster than ever before.

Essential Skills from The New One Minute Manager

First-TIme Manager Training by The Ken Blanchard Companies

Becoming a first-time manager is one of the most challenging and critical career transitions. New managers are often chosen from high-performing individuals. These highly proficient doers quickly become struggling new managers, without the skills needed to succeed.

This one-day program helps first-time managers overcome this challenge by teaching them the Essential Skills they need to get off to a great start. Based on the #1 best-selling book The New One Minute Manager, the First-time Manager training program introduces Four Core Conversations and the coaching skills first-time managers need to achieve success quickly and build positive relationships with their teams.


  • Identify the mind-set shifts required to make the transition from individual contributor to manager
  • Learn how to use the Four Core Conversations based on the secrets of The New One Minute Manager book
  • Gain the skills needed to boost relationships and work well with others based on our time-tested coaching model
  • Practice the Essential Skills and the Four Core Conversations using real-work situations

This program benefits anyone considering a transition into a management role, those newly promoted to manager, and those early in their management career.


Improve Leadership Performance and Results

Half-Day Skill Training Modules

Learning skills for specific focus areas can be the fastest way to improve relationships and manage groups and competing priorities. Our half-day solutions can be used as stand-alone skills training or incorporated into a broader design solution. 

  • Building Trust—Revive and nurture relationships by learning to talk about trust
  • Listening—Improve commitment and engagement
  • Challenging Conversations—Resolve conflict and improve engagement in difficult situations
  • Giving Feedback—Improve performance, trust, confidence, and productivity
  • Goal Setting—Get people off to the right start
  • Leading Virtually—Effectively lead people who work in remote locations


Introduction to Situational Leadership


SLII Concepts introduces the theory of Situational Leadership® II in an engaging and informative way. Available as a keynote or half-day training.

Introduction to Team Performance

Team Performance Concepts

Based on several research-based models and strategies, including the Team Performance Process, this simple and practical program introduces you to the key concepts for building and sustaining effective, high-performance teams.


Best in Class Assessments

Leader Behavior Analysis II® (LBAII®) & Leader Action Profile

While Blanchard programs can work well alongside popular assessments
like DISC and Myers-Briggs, we have also developed assessment instruments
designed especially for Blanchard programs.

Gaining insight and awareness through self-assessment tools and 360-degree
assessments can be helpful for individuals to understand strengths and
weaknesses and break through to a new level of performance.

Leader Behavior Analysis II® (LBAII®) measures leadership style flexibility and effectiveness. The Leader Behavior Analysis II 360° (LBAII 360°) is an assessment designed to gauge leadership effectiveness and styles at all levels of the organization, incorporating feedback from managers, peers, direct reports, and oneself. Leader Action Profile is for mid-level managers through executive staff—Measures frequency of SLII leadership behaviors

A manager’s use of best practice leadership techniques can drive employee confidence
and commitment. This assessment measures the leader’s use of directive and supportive
behaviors and employees’ satisfaction with their leader and organization.


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